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Plantable seed paper is a fascinating new-age sustainable alternative to paper. What more – these tree-free paper sheets could grow into plants once you’re done with them. How cool is that! .
Made from post-consumer materials, seed paper is essentially recycled paper embedded with seeds. You can go for any single or multicolored prints of your choice. Thank You cards, Wedding invitation cards, and Concept Notes for Gift hampers – these textured cards make a great statement and compliment eco-friendly gifts like no other.

Note: Pricing as on May, 2023

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  • Seed paper is nothing but recycled paper made from a wide range of post-consumer products like newspapers, plain paper, cardboard, tissue paper and so on. The pulp is spread into sheets and seeds of easily germinating plants like marigolds, tulsi, etc. are pressed into the sheets.
  • It is both biodegradable and recyclable
  • Mostly these are embedded with Marigold or Basil seeds
  • Most seed papers sprout plants as only the high germination rate seeds are selected
  • Thickness: 200-250 gsm
  • How to grow plants from a seed paper:
    1. Select a good pot with depth according to the seeds infused in the paper. For example: both marigold and tulsi will need a minimum of 6” depth pot. If it’s microgreens seeds – it could be a tray.
    2. Use goot potting soil. Cocopeat is good too.
    3. Once the seed paper is ready to be discarded, soak it overnight in water before planting it
    4. Plant it in the pot. Add a thin layer of soil cover on top. Water. Idea is to keep the sheet moist so that the seeds find a suitable environment to germinate.
    5. If more than one plant germinates, consider transplanting later depending on which plant it is and how much space it would require to grow.Happy gardening!
500 ml bottle 750 ml bottle 1 litre bottle
Product Weight 200 g 230 g 270 g
Product Height 20.1 cm 23 cm 28.3 cm
Product Base Diameter 7.7 cm 7.7 cm 8.4 cm
  • Tree-free paper alternative made of waste that grows into plants! No other paper could get more eco-friendly than this!
  • If you ask for the most eco-friendly way of expressing or communicating: go paperless and use digital media. Period. Next best option: plantable seed paper.
  • The durability of a seed paper card in terms of its staying on as a plant makes it a fascinating, mindful product.
  • Share your design or we can also help you with options
  • Typical seed paper wedding card size is 5.8” * 8.3”. Double-sided multi-color printed card costs start from Rs 45.
  • Single or multi-colored – any kind of print is possible. Any size is possible.
  • Expect a handmade paper finish
  • Regular paper or handmade paper envelopes can be added. Handmade paper envelope cost starts from Rs 35. While paper envelope cost starts from 15 rupees.
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 30
  • Sample products can be arranged if required
  • Lead time for manufacturing:1-2 days
  • Set of 30-100: 5% discount
  • Set of 101-200: 10% discount
  • Set of 201-300: 15% discount
  • Every bulk order is curated mindfully with a lot of love after several rounds of one-on-one consultation with customer
  • Highly customisable. Immense scope of mix and match and personal touches to make your order unique and exclusive
  • Pan India doorstep delivery
  • 100% plastic free. Source segregation of generated waste (during transport etc.) so that each waste type is sent back to its respective value chain
  • Sourced directly from manufacturers, homepreneurs, artisans from across India
  • Highly professional when it comes to quality assurance and on-time delivery
  • Reasonably priced

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