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A jute bag to pack your gift in is classy, traditional, and a penultimate expression of your mindfulness about choosing packaging that could be infinitely reused. It ends up being a carry bag and wherever it goes, carries with it your brand or your text message.
Available in different prints, shapes, and sizes. Ideal for packing gift hampers.

Note: Pricing as on May, 2023

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  • Standard laminated natural jute bag with zip
  • Non-laminated, plastic-free jute bags will be about Rs 20-30 higher. Specify if that’s what you are looking for
  • Long-lasting and good finish
  • Gives your gift an unmistakable desi, ethnic look, and feel which paper bags, etc. cannot.
  • Jute bags (like cotton bags) are infinitely reusable. Makes a good statement of your mindfulness in choosing a packaging that could be reused.
  • Longer shelf life for your brand logo (or message).
  • Choose any design of your liking (from the given options or from anywhere on the internet). Share that during the one-on-one discussion that will follow once you send the inquiry.
  • Zips can be added at an extra cost of about Rs 20 (depending on bag/zip size).
  • Single or Multicoloured logos can be printed. Logo printing costs start from around Rs 30. Once you share the material to be printed – we could share the exact cost.
  • Cloth patches, laces, etc. can also be added to the bag for a nominal extra amount.
  • Alternatively, you can go for a simple brown paper tag with your branding/message.
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 30 bags
  • Sample products can be arranged if required
  • Lead time for manufacturing: 1 week (delivery time extra)
  • Set of 30-100: 5% discount
  • Set of 101-200: 10% discount
  • Set of 201-300: 15% discount
  • Every bulk order is curated mindfully with a lot of love after several rounds of one-on-one consultation with the customer
  • Highly customizable. Immense scope for mix and match and personal touches to make your order unique and exclusive
  • Pan India doorstep delivery
  • 100% plastic free. Source segregation of generated waste (during transport etc.) so that each waste type is sent back to its respective value chain
  • Sourced directly from manufacturers, homepreneurs, and artisans from across India
  • Highly professional when it comes to quality assurance and on-time delivery
  • Reasonably priced

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10” * 10” * 5”, 12” * 10” * 5”


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