Our Story

Maati is one of the many pandemic babies that sprung forth When something else came to a screeching hal. In our case - The Bartan Company! A social enterprise that enables the mind to celebrate events without leaving behind a tral of waste. We had ust evolved from a not-for- profit to a social enterprise when the pandemic ht. And it looked like the world will never be the same again. Especially the events scene.

Maati Eco Store - an online sustainable lifestyle essentials store - was the logical next best thing to do given our in-depth understanding of what's truly sustainable, what isn't - products, practices and everything else. Set up at a nondescript, postcard sized store area in the basement of a gated ‘community at Nallaganda, Hyderabad - Maati Eco Store instantly received unprecedented love and affection from pan-India sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts. Whether it was because of the goodwill towards The Bartan Company and the associated empathy towards ts untimely collapse or Maati's reasonably priced, good quality products - its difficult to tell. But it saved us. from hitting the bottom of the pit and we couldn't be more grateful.

As the pandemic eased out and the world began to inch towards its good old acceptable “normal” - The Bartan Company awoke from its slumber. In no time we were back fendly gifting for those events. Fast forward to February, 2023. Maati Eco Store has transitioned into Maati Eco Gifts. Retail division has pulled its shutters down to make way for bul gifting orders. Joy of curating unique gifting solutions to suit diverse budgets and preferences, oftentimes going beyond websites and catalogues, scanning the entire length and breadth of the country - is just the kind of challenging we love. Not to mention the opportunity to explore newer products, leaming about their craftsmanship stories, gauging their environment footprint, before finally recommending it to the client - is another aspect that keeps us fueled.

Why choose Maati Eco Gifts

As your gifting partner

Unique and Exclusive

Highly customised orders. Immense scope of mix and match and personal touches to make your order unique and exclusive.

Curated Mindfully

Every bulk order is curated mindfully, with a lot of love, after several rounds of one-on-one consultation with customer.

Plastic Free

100% plastic free. Source segregation of generated waste (during transport etc) so that each waste type is sent back to its respective value chain.

Directly from Artisans

Sourced directly from manufacturers, homepreneurs, artisans from across India.

Reasonable Price

Reasonably priced

Doorstep Delivery

Pan India doorstep delivery.


Highly professional when it comes to quality assurance and on-time delivery.


Highly professional when it comes to quality assurance and on-time delivery.

Meet The Team

Nidarshana Saikia Das

Founder - Maati Eco Solutions LLP

The Bartan Company | Maati fest | Maati Eco Gifts

Ex-Marketing Communications professional with over a decade of work experience in diverse domains, Nidarshana left her corporate career early 2019 to turn her passion for sustainable living into a profession. She started a steel cutlery bank - The Bartan Company - along with three other eco-warriors - to promote Single Use Plastic free celebrations. The Bartan Company has scaled ever since to grow into organizers and enablers of Zero Waste Events in and around Hyderabad. Registered under Maati Eco Solutions LLP, it's a social enterprise with a range of products and services: sustainability consultation, onsite waste management, eco-friendly gifts, workshops - all aimed to nurture the ecosystem towards sustainable, mindful living. Nidarshana is a certified Permaculturist and deeply influenced by Permaculture way of natural harmonious coexistence with Nature and dreams of leaving the world greener than when she inherited it.

Sailaja Kurma

Products Head - Maati Eco Solutions

An ex IT professional, Sailaja left her corporate career in 2013 to devote time to motherhood and her son, She's currently settled in Hyderabad. A sustainable lifestyle practitioner, Sailaja practises the 3Rs of recycling - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Sailaja heads Maati's Products vertical and is the main curator for the company’s gifting solutions. Her forte is the one-on-one personal consultation with each customer to understand requirements and curate something we're all incredibly proud of.